Rules of a game via e-mail

Drawing casting lots will take place before the start of the tournament. Personal number will be allocated to each participant.


Before the start of the tournament each participant is informed about his personal number and e-mail addresses of opponents. The player, whose turn to move in a concrete game, sends the letter to opponent’s address and submits the mandatory copy to arbiter’s address :, indicating this address in the field “CC” .
Short name of the tournament is indicated in the field “Subject: LC4. In the body of the message all previous moves in the game are enumenrated, the move, which player intends to do (underscored), forced moved of opponents, suggested variants (in brackets).

Text of the letter from player Ivanov to player Petrov may look as follows:

1.Ivanov- 2.Petrov

1.c3-b4 f6-g5 2.b4-c5 3.d6:b4 4.a3:c5 b6:d4 5.e3:c5 (If 5….g5-h4, then 6.b2-c3).

The date of move’s delivery is accepted as the date of move.

TIME CONTROL. Time control of the tournament – 50 days for every 10 moves. The date of move’s submission by the opponent is considered as the day of move’s delivery and it is defined according the submission time of e-mail.

PENALTIES. In case, if player have sent wrong (impossible) move, opponent adds 10 penalty days. The time countdown continues from the moment of discovery of incorrect move. Undisciplined behaviour evokes the warning or disqualification from the tournament, given by the arbiters.

BREAKS. Every player have the right to take few breaks in the tournament, 30 days in total. Player must declare beforehand about desire to take a break in his letter to the the arbiters and other players.

CALCULATION OF POINTS. For victory in each game player gets 2 points, for draw – 1 point, lost does not bring the points. The player who collects the greatest number points is considers as a winner.

ADDITIONAL CRITERIA. In case of the equality of the points among several participants, the places are determined be the criterions in following order.

  1. according Shmuljan-Dvorkovich system of coefficients
  2. according the higher number of wins
  3. according the outcome of the game between these participants
  4. according the outcome of the games between other participants in order of taken places.


Three winners of the tournament are presented with diploms of appropriate degrees and with Lithuanian draughts literature.